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Every product on this site has been carefully chosen for three simple criteria.

#1 Is it the best or only one of it's kind?

#2 Can we lock it up by contract with the inventor so we do not have to compete with the mega-stores?

#3 Do I like it? (If I don't personally use and thoroughly like the product ... I will not sell it!)



     Number two in popularity (but my personal favorite) is our custom hand-rubbed oil finish that is faster than spray painting! Rubs dry in only a minute or two and never needs steel-wooling between layers. Easily fill, seal and finish all with one product. Repairs other finishes, or completely does the job on unfinished wood. The smoothest finish results you will ever find. Make it look like YOU want it to ... from matte to satin, to high gloss by changing how you rub it in! Astounding coverage. The small bottle will do up to 20 long-gun stocks from raw wood to factory specs. For touch-up it goes on seemingly forever!

Detailed instructions and information at


     This one-of-a-kind bluing solution is by far our most popular product. It perfectly matches the original bluing by penetrating and rust proofing the steel exactly the way the factory blue did. Since it goes inside the metal rather than on top of it (as all other cold-blues do!) it last up to 100 times as long as any cold-blue, without overlapping, odor, or secondary rust! A very thorough explanation and directions for use is found on the Instructions page.

A small bottle will touch up about 30 pieces or do three long-guns completely from raw metal to factory specs.  

Detailed instructions and information at    SEE VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS PAGE FOR HELP



     The third leg of the backbone of our business. This concentrated product cleans anything brass, copper, or bronze. It is extremely quick, but does not damage the metal. The advantages are that it takes off less metal than any other cleaner, and it does not make the metal brittle or porous! This makes it perfect for re-loaders. By cleaning the inside of the casing as well as the outside, the finished product functions far better. A little bit goes a long way.

This product is not a hazardous material and can be shipped anywhere.