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Supporting Cast of dynamite Products

Klean and Brite

This remarkable cleaner is capable of removing oil soaked, darkened or gummy finish without stripping the good finish beneath it! Excellent for antiques because it does not refinish them. It just removes the damaged surface layer leaving the original finish intact. Restoration using Klean & Brite is usually smarter than repair on older pieces. Pleasant smell and safe on skin.

CitriGun Degreaser

This is a citrus based cleaner/degreaser that removes oils, grease and many of the synthetic lubricants and protectors on guns. This prepares them for bluing or cleans them after use. Safe, Non-flammable, pleasant smell, will not damage wood finish. Also excellent for cleaning gun actions prior to re-oiling for storage.

Supr-Fine Oil

The thinnest and strongest oil available! Goes to -54 F without getting sticky and up to +500 F without burning off. No more sticky actions in cold weather! Has an extremely high "shear strength" so it holds up to remarkable amounts of abrasion without failing. Kills acid from sweat (or bluing) and is thin enough to work as a penetrating oil. One drop goes a very long way!

Rust Blaster

When you have rust that is a little too heavy for light steel wool to remove ... this is what you need. Water soluble so you can adjust its strength depending on need. Mixed at 1 part Rust blaster to 2 parts water it will take light rust without damaging most blues. (Test first) Used straight it removes heavier rust but may also remove some bluing. Far less dangerous to the skin with no noxious fumes.

Groile   (say Grrrrr Oil)

This cousin to the Supr-Fine Oil is thicker in order to handle much heavier abrasion. Use for slide lube, and anywhere a grease is appropriate. Works like grease - pours like oil! Same extreme effective temperature range as the Supr-Fine. This stuff is slippery! 

Top-it Gunwax

Brazilian Carnauba in a creamed form. Protects against water and other damage far better than oil or most synthetics. Put on a drop, rub it in, let it haze up, and buff off. Holds up far longer in use, and utterly indefinitely in storage. Resists blood and many other chemicals. Reduces wear because you are not wearing on the metal ... you are wearing on the wax! Fantastic for wood as well. A little goes an extremely long way!