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Arrow Brass & Copper Cleaner  is fast easy and safe. This concentrated product is mixed with water before using. The worst corrosion and tarnish just seem to melt away without harming the brass or copper.

Reloaders love it for both it's speed as a dip for cartridges, and the fact that it removes far less metal than other cleaners. There is no change in the structure of the metal, (does NOT become brittle or porous!) so splitting cases and rapid retarnish are eliminated!

For large items such as Copper Kettles, Brass Beds, and other brass, bronze, or copper objects...Arrow Brass Cleaner can be used as a rub-on type of cleaner rather than a dip. Copper kettles come clean with a minimum of rubbing.

A 4 oz. Bottle mixed with 6 parts water to 1 part brass cleaner will clean approximately 10 brass beds, or up to 1000 rounds of pistol cases.

Arrow Brass and Copper Cleaner 4 oz.

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