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ARROW WOOD FINISH is the easiest way to achieve "violin-quality" and "gun-stock" toughness on the market today! This is a "hand-Rubbed" oil finish that is quicker than spray painting!

Arrow Wood Finish contains oils that pentrate the wood to keep it lively and flexible, a natural filler that levels out pores, scratches, and other imperfections, and a durable sealer that protects against the weather. All the while it is doing these great things, it builds a super smooth finish that can be adjusted from completely non-reflective to the absolute brightest of shines.

Not only can you take a raw piece of wood and bring it to a glorious finish in far less time than you'd expect...but you can also repair any existing finish and match perfectly...WITHOUT STRIPPING the old finish off! The only thing Arrow Wood Finish does not do is stain the wood. It brings out the beauty of the natural wood. However, it can be used over any kind of stain as well.

A little of this goes a long way. Four ounces of Arrow will cover the same amount of wood as a half-gallon of varnish! In doing stocks for firearms, it will do ten full sized stocks from raw or touch-up on about 40! REMEMBER, when using Arrow Wood Finish..."If a little is good...LESS is better!

It comes with very thorough instructions.

4 oz. = $11.95    8 oz. = $17.95

Arrow Wood Finish

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